March 15, 2015

7 Commandoz winners of Floor Wars 2015

7commandos, Korea winners Floor Wars 2015

Seven Commandos, Korea winners of Floor Wars 2015

Yesterday, the 11th edition of Floor Wars took place in Vega, Copenhagen.  The vibe was incredibly intense in the sold out venue when 7 Commandoz from Korea won the final battle against Funk Fockers from Brazil.  Winner of the Kids Battle was B-boy Fresh from Russia, who won against Askalashane from France in the final.  B-girl Candy and Victor Jay from UK won the toprock battle. Thanks to everyone who helped make Floor Wars 2015 one of the best editions so far – see you all in 2016!

Bboy Fresh from Russia - winner of the Kids Battle

Bboy Fresh from Russia – winner of the Kids Battle

Bgirl Candy & Victor Jay, UK winners of Floor Wars Toprock battle 2015

Victor Jay & bgirl Candy from the UK won the Floor Wars 2on2 toprock battle 2015

March 13, 2015

Toprock judges are ready for the finals

We have been looking forward to confirm this, and have now finalized the judge seats for the 2 vs 2 Toprock battles as well. We are super happy to announce that this years line up will be Skoora from Sinior Sklaad Family, Poland who has been finalist and participant for many years now showing his love for the dance. Also we have Mixa from Funk Fockers, Brasil in the judges list – and it’s no secret that the brasilians know their dance and how to rock it! Last but not least, we’ve got Midus from Style Elements Crew, USA to finish up the list. This man doesn’t need much introduction. He is one of the bboys in the USA of the highest level and has a great knowledge and understanding of the dance and art of “rocking” :)

Floorwars Worldfinals 2010

Give em a warm welcome and let’s fire it up – it seems to become one of the strongest line ups at this years edition for the 2 vs 2 Toprock battle.

March 12, 2015

Floor Wars Afterparty



The Floor Wars afterparty is always a blast, and this year will be no exception. Our friends from Boogie Juice will once again make it happen, this time in the club Harvey (very close to KB18, where the party has been in recent years) in the meatpacking district. Entrance is 60 DKK – DJs from the battle will spin along with the residents. From 23:00-05:00 – adress: Harvey, Kødboderne 5, Kødbyen….

March 11, 2015

Online registration ending tomorrow


Online registration for teams and dancers ends tomorrow, Thursday, at midnight. Please note, that you will have to register online if you want to enter one of the battles – it is NOT possible to register at the event! Those who have registered online will have to confirm their registration at the venue between 16-17 hrs. There are waiting lists for the 3vs3 and the toprock battle, but if you register, there’s still a good chance you’ll get a spot in the battle.

March 10, 2015

Open practise session Friday night


Open practise session Friday night from 19-23 hrs. Adress: Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, 2300 Kobenhavn S – in the basement, the studio is called “Undergrunden”. Everybody is welcome, see you there!

March 9, 2015

Shop @ Floor Wars


Swift Rock Shop will once again be present at Floor Wars in Vega, fulfilling your shopping needs for b-boy gear and lots of other cool stuff. They have a special offer on Floor Wars T-shirts for 120 DKK + one free Floor Wars DVD!

March 8, 2015

Great 8 crew presentation #8


SKILL HUSTLE FELLAZ – winners of Floor Wars Germany/Benelux. A team consisting of members from the crews Skill Dealers and Hustle Kids from Holland, and Rockafellaz from Poland. Bboys @ Floor Wars: Dietje, Erock and Little King

March 7, 2015

Great 8 crew presentation #7


Great 8 crew presentation #7: DE KLAN – winners of Floor Wars Italy. This is the 2nd time for De Klan at the finals in Copenhagen. Probably the most succesful Italian crew there is. Bboys @ Floor Wars: Kacyo, Omed & Walrus

March 6, 2015

Great 8 crew presentation #6


FLIPSIDE TECHNIQUE – from Canada and USA. The two crews Sweet Technique from Montreal and Filpside Kings from Florida merged into this unit of destruction. Bboys @ Floor Wars: Fleau, Promo & Stripes

March 5, 2015

Great 8 crew presentation #5


TOTAL FEELING – winners of Floor Wars France. Original style and flow. Bboys @ Floor Wars: John Smith, Tonio & Bruce Wayne.