Presale tickets available and registration open!

It is now possible to buy presale tickets online and to register for the 3vs3 elimination, toprock battle and footwork battle.

  • I have the honor to participate in this Battle

    My name’s Younes Elmouaffaq Aka Bboy Cri6 From Morocco I’m training POWERMOVES
    (1 vs 1)

    It’s My tesaer Of powermoves 2010

    Chek Out My YouTube Channel :

    My Facbook account :

    Thank you for your time 😉

  • saw

    Yeah, I like this Battle

  • Oh shiittttttt
    Jinjo in Danemark OMG!!!!!!!!

  • Tikom


  • Tikom

    I want to join in this battle
    I’m bboy tikom from France

    ons vs one footwork

    [email protected]

  • happybboy

    My name’s Jack aka bboy kaliss
    from South Afrique
    I have honor to join in this battle
    Please give me advice for going to this battle

  • Sune

    Hey guys,

    If you want to sign up, fill out the registration-form at “registration”

  • Just Nouà Represetn System Nerveuxx Crew

  • System Nerveux _________ 3 Vs 3

  • Blackoutz

    Bboy Mali
    Bboy Hawkshaw
    Bboy SlimJin

  • eu gostaria de participar comomeu grupo aqui do brasil nesse super evento gostaria deuma resposta para representar Cristo Jesus nas batalhas é muito bom ter oportunidades e estar prestigiando esse evento

    M . A Crew

  • Fall aka Troll`

    Arctic Rockers – Russia(Murmansk cyti)!/profile.php?id=100000974855377
    fall aka Troll` Arctic rockers
    3 vs 3 and Footworks

  • Isti

    You will have to sign up thru otherwise you won’t be registered.

  • Hallo my name is Rudi J-Six Im from Berlin in we like to go to Denmark we bookt allready the tickets !

    please take us in the list to the prelims eleminations in the floor wars 2011 in denmark !

    we are 3 bboys from berlin germany
    Crew name is (BLN Most Wanted )

    one question? about the tickets can we go to the doors on 19 of März and buy the tickets outdoor? or it,s gonna be to full this year taht we need to reserveate the ticket to came in please we want to Reservate three tiocket! please send me your adress about kont nr. bank of denmark for the floor wars event we gonna send it to u people for the entry ;-))
    postcode please adress bank &&& we send the money thxx..

    so please send me the info about taht if we are inside then on the list in kopenhagen or not.! thx 4 everything in the beginn we hope to chill there and want to enjoy we love Denmark! peace J-Six berlin b-town Germany!

  • Prices on says presale tickets are sold at 130,- DKK, but has them at 150,- DKK. What gives?

  • Isti

    That’s the because they charge a fee for ticketing

  • Aha. Is this fee charged at the entrance as well, so that the prices in reality are 150,- and 170,-? Not that it matters that much, I guess; I’ve already booked the spot in my calendar. Will be good to represent Svendborg and Southern Funen with EffectX. =)

  • Isti