Scandinavian G8 for R16 qualfier and (almost) all judges complete

We have been working hard on finalizing the missing pieces of the Floor Wars finals next week and are very happy to announce that we got a Scandinavian great eight for the 1-on-1 R16 qualifier setup. Means that the registered dancers will compete for 8 spots to meet our selection of Scandinavian bboys, with the fine trophy of the winner representing Europe in Korea. The list contains:

  • Jens Lyn (Denmark)
  • Dr. Hefo (Denmark)
  • Hacim (Sweden)
  • Spaghetti (Norway)
  • Escobar (Sweden)
  • R2Rico (Denmark)
  • Emilio (Denmark)
  • Moore (Sweden)

Also we have the remaining judges for the TopRock, Footwork, All-Styles and of course R16 ready on the event page.