Life International wins Russian qualifier


..and what an intense battle it was! We found the last of the great eight crews in Russia after a long and intense day of battles. No doubt that we are talking about a really strong competitor here as the overall level was really high. The final came down to Illusion of Exist and Life International both combining creativity, musicality and power.

But we found a winner and can only say: prepare! The Russians are coming, and they are STRONG! We are really excited of taking part in this event and want to thank our local friends and organizer Bboy Gymnast/Val as well as DJ Shubin and all the other people helping out and supporting. Not to mention the great amount of guys coming to support the event. Next to the crew battle there was also a 1on1 kids battle showing the young talent and a 1on1 Bboy battle for the “big guns” 🙂 a bright look for the future.