Finals going down tonight in Copenhagen

Floor Wars 2013 trophy finals

We are excited about being here for 9 years in the row with growing number of participants and internationals qualifiers.

This year we will have more then 60 crews competing in the 3v3, over 50 dancers have signed up for the Footwork battles and more then 32 crews are in the 2vs2 Toprock battles. Floor Wars is a truly international event with dancers coming from over 30 different countries from all corners of the world to share a common passion. It is a special accommodation of energy that surrounds these events and even thou the battles are serious business it is all within good meaning. This is also what keeps us doing what we do, and tonight is the time for the 2013 edition which we are looking forward to celebrate with you.

Note to all b-boys, b-girls and crews: Please make sure to go straight to the Registration desk at arrival to the venue. If you haven’t confirmed your registration you won’t be announced. Also note that that we DO NOT have last minute sign up’s a earlier announced.