The United Kingdom is coming in strong

The past weekend we’ve been over in Wales to participate at the Floor Wars qualifier for the United Kingdom.

This was the third time we had a UK qualifier, the first one was in London and this was the second time that the city of Newport was hosting the event. About 30 crews had signed up in advance for the eve

Soul Mavericks UK

nt and so the interest was clearly there to get over to the finals.

The last years we’ve also seen that the overall level of b-boying had raised and so there were a couple of good and intense battles up to the finals.

Worth to notice was also that the amount of b-girls at the event had been quiet high in comparison to other places and so we’ve also seen a all b-girl crew in the semi-finals, getting very close to going all the way. Just as in the first year, Soul Mavericks met their team-mates in the finals and from that point it was a question of experience. So we are happy to see Soul Mavericks coming back out with a strong crew to represent the UK in the finals in Copenhagen, march the 15th 2014! They have set a high bar for them self and are ready to make some trouble between the finalists. So watch out, the UK is coming in strong.

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