Germany still representing strong

So this weekend we did the trip to Hannover in Germany, as the last of this years international qualifiers took place. Initially the interest both within and outside Germany was big and so we heard from the local organizers that they had to turn down many polish crews as the entry was only for crews coming from Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

As an organizer it’s always frustrating to turn down crews who are interested in your event, but to keep some structure and equality this is an unfortunate must. We can only encourage to those crews to come straight to Copenhagen and try to qualify there for a spot in the finals.
But to get back to the jam, with over 50 crews signed up it already seemed to become a strong year for the German come back. Initially we were seeking long time for a partner to take over the gap that has been left since the last qualifier and after all Germany was the first country to have a Floor Wars qualification and therefore is important to us personally.

When we arrived at the event it had already b-boys and b-girls all over in the cyphers. The battle atmosphere was there! You could feel in the air that the people were hungry. Even thou, when the pre-elimination started it was all pretty quiet. A wide variation of styles were present, making it hard for the judges to choose the top 16 crews. And I can ensure there was a lively discussion of whom to let going on. In the meantime the DJ’s delivered an excellent soundtrack all evening, bringing the right vibe for the dancers and hyping the event even further as the cyphers were on fire.

When the main round started, everybody got focused on the battles. Maybe a bit too much, but the Host did a good job loosening up the crowd and hyping the crews moving on. First intense battle might have been Holland meeting Belgium, as it’s the classic rivalry of the neighboring countries. It was particularly good to see that the German flavor gotten back to its roots, more creative and foundation based and less focused on pure power moves. Thou this doesn’t mean there was no power nor energy in the battles. Particularly Berlin was also strong this night making, sending the B-Town All Stars in the finals against The Ruggeds from Holland. The rounds had all you’d wish for, power, routine, Footwork and lots of b-boy flavor and attitude spiced with musicality. At the end, it’s was the Ruggeds who took the win home for the Dutch. They showed their will power and experience from early on and had a strong flow and battle strategy. Even one guy injured, making it a hard nut to crack against the guys from Berlin. We are looking forward to welcome them back to Denmark. Two years ago they qualified at the finals in Denmark, now they are back and aiming higher. So watch out for an intense night on the 15th of March in Vega. We can’t wait!


Big thanks for making this all happen to Mike Rockswell and Nicoroc. We truly appreciate the effort put into this and look forward to have a reliable partner again for the coming years ahead. One thing is sure, Germany stepped up.

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