Toprock judges are ready for the finals

We have been looking forward to confirm this, and have now finalized the judge seats for the 2 vs 2 Toprock battles as well. We are super happy to announce that this years line up will be Skoora from Sinior Sklaad Family, Poland who has been finalist and participant for many years now showing his love for the dance. Also we have Mixa from Funk Fockers, Brasil in the judges list – and it’s no secret that the brasilians know their dance and how to rock it! Last but not least, we’ve got Midus from Style Elements Crew, USA to finish up the list. This man doesn’t need much introduction. He is one of the bboys in the USA of the highest level and has a great knowledge and understanding of the dance and art of “rocking” 🙂

Floorwars Worldfinals 2010

Give em a warm welcome and let’s fire it up – it seems to become one of the strongest line ups at this years edition for the 2 vs 2 Toprock battle.

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