March 9, 2016

Online registration closes friday


Online registration for the battles will close on friday at 18:00. You have to register online first, and confirm registration on the day of the battle. It is NOT possible to register at the battle, if you have not registered online. Please note, that registration in Vega is between 15-16 on saturday – one hour earlier than last year!

March 8, 2016

Swift Rock Shop @ Floor Wars

This year, the Swift Rock Shop will once again be present at Floor Wars.  To check out their extensive collection of b-boying and hip hop stuff, go to their webpage


March 6, 2016

After Party!


The legendary Floor Wars afterparty is once again happening at KB18, and is once again in the hands of Boogie Juice, so get ready to turn it loose.
After Floor Wars, there wil be a “Boogie Walk Along” from VEGA to KB18 kødboderne (Afterparty) 30min after the final ends.
Just look for the Boogie Juice Christania Bikes outside the venue with the banging beats and free shots to warm you up. KB18 is a 20min walk from the venue.
Facebook event:

March 5, 2016

Floor Wars Russia recap

Check out the new trailer from Floor Wars Russia and get an impression of what went on in Voronezh:

March 4, 2016

Floor Wars finals live stream

LIVE STREAMING – for the first time ever, the Floor Wars finals will be streamed live through the internet from 19:30 CET on Saturday the 12th of March. It’s free and open for everyone – streaming will happen on our website


March 2, 2016

Floor Wars Pre-session

The Floor Wars Pre-session will take place on friday, march 11 from 19:00 – open practise session for everyone who wants to cypher and vibe out the night before the big battle! It’s taking place in the lobby of Urban House Hotel – free entrance!
Check the event page for further details:


February 24, 2016

Taiwan in the Great 8

The last crew in the Great 8 is FUTURE CREW from Taiwan. FUTURE CREW was formed in 2012, and represents a new generation of bboys from all over Taiwan, showing themselves to be fresh talent through many battles and having won the R16 South East Asia qualifiers in 2013 and the Battle Pro qualifiers in 2015, Looking forward to seeing them rock the floor in Vega!

February 22, 2016

Predatorz winners of Floor Wars Russia

Yesterday, Floor Wars Russia ended with a heated final battle, where PREDATORZ won against COMIX ZONE. Yes people, PREDATORZ, the winners of countless international battles, and one of the best crews on the scene today are finally coming to Floor Wars!  The picture below shows the crew and two of the judges, Yan and Milky Rock.
The event once again went down in the city of Voronezh in a basketball court, which proved to be the perfect spot. 40 crews from all over the country had signed up, and the level was once again very high. There was also a 1vs1 Rookie Battle, where close to 100 dancers took part and proved that Russia has talent! Special thanks to Gimnast, who did yet another great job organizing Floor Wars Russia – this time being the 5th in a row.


February 16, 2016

Germany will represent

This weekend the Germany qualifications took place once again in Hannover. 40 crews had signed up on the german-only qualifier, spread from all over the country. Many of the big local names were out to fight for the win in the wonderful environment of “Luther kirche” centrally placed in Hannover. Yes, the battles took place in a church! With these surrounding, there wasn’t much to go wrong, battling on holy ground. The judges were respectfully seated in front of the altar on red leather sofas, giving them the perfect view over the scenery.

The fight for a top-16 spot was tense from the first round on, which led to a tough selection between the crews. At this point audience support was it peak with locals coming in to check out the event taking place in their city. The host did a great job in firing em up and the following rounds gave some great battles and good energy to the event. Probably peaking at the semi-finals, were some strong contenders met in the likes of Osnabrooklyn, Masterplan Crew, The Saxons (two times BotY-winners) and Flowjob.

In the final round, we’ve got presented Masterplan Crew with a combination of style, flexibility and power against Flowjob, who similarly met up with power and energy thru out all the evening and the surprising again and again with their moves not to mention on beat! This might have contributed to a win, as a unique voice presented by the judges Mounir (Vagabonds, France), Crock (ex-Flying Steps, Berlin) and Edu (Lunaticks, Barcelona): Flowjob Crew!

Winner Floorwars 2016_Germany2

photo by Viet

We are looking forward to have them representing Germany in the great-8 at the Floor Wars finals in Copenhagen on the 12th of march 2016!

Big shouts to the organisers in Hannover Nicoroc & Mike Rockswell as well as their excellent helpers for putting together this outstanding event. If you haven’t been there, mark your calendars for next year as this is not to be missed. The venue, sound and catering makes a b-boys hearth dance faster.

February 10, 2016

Floor Wars Germany


Coming up this weekend: Floor Wars Germany – winning crew will represent in the Great 8 in Copenhagen. Side events include workshops and afterparty. Check the flyer or the event page  for further info.